We can help assist company's where there is a requirement of the following:

  • Managing Change
    Project Management for specific aspects of the business (product launches, new markets)
  • Managing Growth.
  • Management of induction programmes.
  • Support in the event of key personnel departing / absent.
  • Taking a product from manufacturing to the retail / general public market place.
  • Assistance with the key performance indicators involved in order to measure and achieve success in all areas including:
    Call centres
    Direct sales team

  • Designing and administrating sales training programs.
  • Management of customer and client relationships.
  • How to meet and achieve ' S.M.A.R.T' objectives.
  • Venturing from core business to a new opportunity, managing the risk.
  • Management tools i.e. Recruitment skills-Attracting-Interviewing, staff reporting structures, appraisal systems and sales measurement tools.